• J&J celebrates 1 Billion Dollars in Total Sales!
  • J&J further expands its bakery segment with the acquistion of Labriola Baking Company, adding baking facility and a line of artisan breads and pretzels 
  • J&J expands its ICEE® distribution with the purchase of the Atlanta and Nashville areas from Southern ICEE®.  This allows The ICEE Company to grow its core ICEE® branded busines in the Georgian and Tennessee areas.
  • J&J establishes a partnership with FOCUS Brands® to manufacture, sell and distribute Auntie Anne's® branded Frozen Pretzel products in the retail segment.

*AUNTIE ANNE'S® and the Auntie Anne's® logo are registered trademarks of Auntie Anne's Franchisor SPV LLC. 2017 Auntie Anne's Franchisor SPV LLC

    • J&J announces the launch of their new soft pretzel brand, Brauhaus Pretzel™; an authentic, pub-style soft pretzel available for the foodservice sector.
    • J&J acquires Corazonas® HEARTBAR™ Oatmeal Squares, with an exclusive use of plant sterols in health bars.  The acquisition also increases JJSF's presence on e-commerce.
    • J&J expands its bakery segment with the acquisition of Hill & Valley Premium Bakeryadding a baking facility in Illinois and a line of sugar free baked goods for use in In-Store Bakery settings.
    • J&J announces the launch of OREO® Churros and Pillsbury® Mini Pies in retail outlets.
    • J&J expands its Whole Fruit® product line by introducing Organic Frozen Juice tubes in the retail sector.
    • Philly Swirl™ and ICEE® partner to make Philly Swirl ICEE Mix-It-Ups stick novelties.


    • J&J establishes a partnership with General Mills to manufacture, sell and distribute licensed frozen dessert products under the Pillsbury brand name.
    • J&J enters the frozen breakfast category by introducing Mary B's Biscuit Melts.
    • J&J opens its new state-of-the-art Marketing & Design Center.  The center not only allows opportunity for exquisite collaboration between the marketing, art, and culinary teams but also serves as a conference center for companywide meetings and welcome center for new and existing customers.        


    • J&J announces OREO® Churros to the Foodservice Industry Nationwide.
    • J&J acquires Philly Famous Water Ice, Inc. (Philly Swirl) in Tampa, FL. Philly Swirl has a unique product line that makes a great addition to the J&J Family.


    • J&J Snack Foods sales surpass $800 Million.
    • J&J Snack Foods acquires New York Pretzel located in Brooklyn, NY.


    • J&J Snack Foods Corp is 40 years young! Happy Birthday!
    • J&J Snack Foods acquires Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels in Chicago, Il. Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzel brand is dedicated to creating an all-natural, nut-free, premium product made with whole grain that is ready to heat and serve.  

    • J&J Snack Foods make a strategic acquisition of the Handheld Business from ConAgra Foods. The addition of this business allows J&J to manufacture handheld sandwiches and pies. It also adds two more manufacturing facilities in Weston, OR and Holly Ridge, NC. 
    • ICEE social media outreach continues to expand with 1.5MM Facebook Friends and a  #1 ranked app.

    • J&J Snack Foods acquires California Churro®, a manufacturer of authentic traditional and filled churro products that offer a versatile snack, dessert, or anytime item.
    • ICEE launches its new design of ICEE cups.

    • J&J Snack Foods sales surpass $600 million.
    • J&J expands product offerings with WHOLE FRUIT MPAKS. ICEE expands its brand presence with products launching in China, new channel penetration, and new social media.

    • J&J acquires Jana's IndulgenceCookies. Jana's delivers authentic bakery goodness with soft, melt-in-your-mouth textures and thaw-and-serveconvenience.
    • J&J expands product offerings with WholeFruit® Fruit Bars,  The Funnel CakeFactory® Funnel Cake Fries™, Readi-Bake®Benefit™ Cookies and ICEEBits™ new item introductions.

    • J&J Snack Foods Corp is 35 years young! Happy Birthday!
    • J&J makes numerous strategic acquisitions including:
    • Hom/Ade Foods, Inc, maker of fresh frozen dough products under the Mary B’s® Biscuits brand.
    • Radar, Inc., manufacturer of fig and fruit bars under the Daddy Ray's® brand.
    • Whole Fruit® Sorbet, Fruit-a-Freeze® Fruit Bars and Dogsters® Treats for Dogs brands, expanding frozen novelty offerings and capabilities. The acquisition added a frozen novelty production facility on the West Coast.
    • For the fifth consecutive year and sixth time, J&J Snack Foods Corp. was selected by Forbes Magazine for its "200 Best Small Companies" list once again for 2007.

    • LUIGI’S® Real Italian Ice expands product offerings with the introduction of LUGI’S® Mango, Pina Colada, Kiwi Strawberry & No Sugar Added Lemon & Cherry flavors.
    • ICEE® of Hawaii and Slush Puppie® are acquired. With ICEE as the #1 brand in frozen carbonated beverages and Slush Puppie as the #1 brand in frozen non-carbonated beverages, JJSF is in an even greater position for long-term growth in the frozen beverage market.

    • J&J acquires SnackWorks LLC, a manufacturer of soft pretzel products for the consumer and food service industry.

    • J&J acquires the assets of Country Home Bakers, a manufacturer of bakery products including cookies, biscuits and frozen dough to supermarkets and the food service industry. 
    • Roger, "The Rocket" Clemens signs on as a spokesperson for SUPERPRETZEL.
    • J&J is recognized by Forbes Magazine a fourth time.

    •  A new generation of soft pretzels is introduced to the retail supermarket industry – SUPERPRETZEL PRETZELFILS Filled Soft Pretzel Sticks. They combine the great taste of SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels in a stick form, with delicious fillings and toppings.
    • J&J is, once again, recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the “200 Best Small Companies in America".

    • Happy Birthday ICEE! For 35 years, the ICEE brand has delivered a cool, refreshing beverage alternative to consumers. 
    • Through our partnership with the Coca-Cola Company, BARQ’S Frozen Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float was introduced.
    • Gourmet Twists Topped Soft Pretzels were introduced offering old world hearth-baked taste.

    • J&J acquires Uptown Bakeries, a manufacturer of fresh bakery products such as bagels, donuts, muffins and more sold to Wawa, Inc, a convenience food retailer.
    • PRETZEL FILLERS, a new and unique line of filled and topped soft pretzels, are introduced to the food service marketplace.
    • Sales reach $328 million.

    • J&J launches a line of frozen dessert products under the MINUTE MAID brand.
    • Our SUPERPRETZEL merchandiser/display unit is updated with a new look for the millennium.

    • J&J acquires CAMDEN CREEK BAKERY.
    • Frozen novelty products are introduced under the ICEE brand.
    • J&J establishes a long-term partnership with The Minute Maid Company that provides J&J exclusive rights to manufacture, sell and distribute licensed frozen juice products under the MINUTE MAID brand name.

    • J&J makes its biggest acquisition to date with National ICEE Corp. through its ICEE-USA subsidiary. National ICEE Corp., with annual sales around $40 million, distributes ICEE   products in the Eastern U.S. This acquisition significantly increases the frozen carbonated beverage business.
    • MRS. GOODCOOKIE, a line of ready-to-bake cookies, is introduced.
    • J&J enters cyberspace – goes on-line.
    • Sales reach $262 million.

    • The acquisitions continue:
      • Pretzels, Inc., makers of TEXAS TWIST Soft Pretzels.
      • Mama Tish’s International Foods, makers of MAMA TISH’S Premium Italian Ices.
    • Sales exceed $220 million.

    • Here we grow again with the acquisitions of:
      • Pretzel Gourmet Corp., a hand-rolled soft pretzel specialty retailer.
      • Mazzone Enterprises, Inc., a Midwestern producer of Italian ice and frozen desserts.
      • Bakers Best Snack Food Corp., makers of DUTCH TWIST Soft Pretzels.
    • A new frozen warehouse and distribution center is opened in our Vernon, CA facility.

    • ICEE-USA expands with the acquisition of the international rights for the popular ICEE brand.

    • The J&J family continues to expand with the acquisitions of:
      • The Funnel Cake Factory, Inc., a producer of frozen, pre-formed, heat and serve funnel cakes.
      • Bavarian Soft Pretzels, Inc., a chain of mall-based retail snack bars in the Northeastern U.S.

    • Our new, modern 104,000 square foot state-of-the-art distribution center is opened in the Pennsauken, NJ facility.

    • SUPERPRETZEL SOFTSTIX Cheese Filled Soft Sticks, co-branded with KRAFT, are added to the SUPERPRETZEL product line.
    • A new frozen carbonated beverage, ARTIC BLAST, is introduced by our ICEE-USA subsidiary.

    • Time for some changes – the company logo is updated and the retail SUPERPRETZEL package is redesigned.
    • Additional common stock offering raises $29 million.
    • Happy Birthday to us! J&J celebrates its 20th anniversary. There is no better way to celebrate than with our 20th consecutive year of increased sales as the company breaks the $100 million mark.
    • J&J is again recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 200 Best Small Companies in America.

    • J&J expands the frozen carbonated beverage business through the acquisition of Michigan Carbonic Company, the largest FROZEN COKE distributor in the country.
    • A new feature presentation! SUPERPRETZEL SOFT PRETZEL BITES are introduced to movie theaters.
    • Sales reach $96 million.


    • A new generation of soft pretzel twisters is engineered and developed.  KING SIZE soft pretzel production becomes fully automated, providing further manufacturing efficiencies.
    • $20 million Convertible Debentures converted to common stock 2 years after issuance.
    • Chill out with LUIGI’S.  LUIGI’S Real Italian Ice is successfully introduced to supermarkets.
    • Sales reach $86 million, marking the 18th straight year of increased sales and earnings.

    • J&J is recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the 200 Best Small Companies in America.
    • The family keeps growing as J&J acquires several other companies:
      • Trotter Soft Pretzel Co., maker of Mr. Twister Soft Pretzels
      • Western Syrup
      • American Snack Foods, maker of HOT KNOTS Soft Pretzels
      • MIA Products Co., manufacturer of Shape Ups Juice Bars

    • At first Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Gerald B. Shreiber, Chairman, announces $100 million sales goal by 1992.
    • Company completes successful $20 million Convertible Debenture offering.
    • J&J acquires a tall cool one, when controlling interest in ICEE-USA, an AMEX listed company is acquired.  With ICEE, J&J adds frozen carbonated beverages to its ever-growing line-up of niche product offerings.
    • J&J acquires FROSTAR line of frozen novelties from Schwan’s.
    • Sales climb to over $47 million.

    1986 - 1985
    • Retail markets truly become SUPER as J&J expands into the supermarket business with SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels.
    • The company completes successful initial public offering of 600,000 shares.  The stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol JJSF.
    • The DUTCHIE soft pretzel business is acquired.
    • J&J acquires the assets of Southern Food Products, a specialty cookie and baked goods manufacturer, and relocates its West Coast soft pretzel operations to its facility in Vernon, CA.
    • SUPER JUICE goes for the gold!  The company contracts with Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton to promote SUPER JUICE juice bars.
    • Sales soar over $25 million.
    • A major product line is added to the line-up as the SUPER JUICE fruit juice bar product line is introduced.
    • Sales go over $15 million.

    • A new building is acquired and a major expansion is completed.
      Manufacturing capacity increases fourfold.
    • Another plant is added to the J&J family with the acquisition of BSP Soft Pretzel Co. (formerly Bachman Soft Pretzel Co.).
    • Doin’ the twist! Exclusive license rights for the manufacture and sale of AMF pretzel twister machines are acquired and manufacturing expertise is enhanced.

    1981 - 1980
    • We set the donut straight! Churro product rights and assets are acquired from a subsidiary of Rapid American Corp., and TIO PEPE’S Churros are created.

    • Disaster strikes. The warehouse freezer roof at the main plant collapses, temporarily halting manufacturing. Management and crew work around the clock to evacuate and save product. Soft pretzels are sent in from subsidiary plants in St. Louis and Los Angeles to maintain service to customers.

    • J&J begins to acquire complementary companies.  Acquisitions of two soft pretzel manufacturers increase production capacity, expand market share and give J&J a national presence:
      • Frampton Corp. - St. Louis, MO
      • Pretzel Man Corp. - Los Angeles, CA
    • A technological breakthrough was made - King Size soft pretzels are introduced to the food service marketplace.

    1977 - 1976
    • A national network of distributors is developed.  SUPERPRETZEL is now available at more locations as the soft pretzel markets are expanded.

    • The plant is expanded and production capacity is doubled.  Sales break the $2 million mark.

    • J&J introduces animated carousel display cases for soft pretzels.
    • Sales break the $1 million mark.

    • The SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel trademark is registered.

    • Los Angeles Branch opens and business activity is initiated in the Western United States.

    • Gerald B. Shreiber raised his hand in court and purchased the assets of J&J Pretzel Co. at Bankruptcy Auction for $72,100. J&J Snack Foods Corp. was established in Pennsauken, NJ. The company has 8 employees and sales of $400,000.