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America's Favorite Pretzels

Delicious Pretzels!

Bring the fun home with SUPERPRETZEL - the leader in frozen soft pretzels.
Kim & Scott
KIM & SCOTT’S GOURMET PRETZELS come in stuffed and traditional pretzel varieties. KIM & SCOTT’S also features gluten-free options. Just heat and eat!
Kim & Scott
Authentic Philly-Style Soft pretzels make a quick, healthy snack.
Federal is Philly®!

Labriola bavarian Pretzel Filler Brahaus
Labriola Baking Company produces a full line of frozen
Artisan and Pretzel breads for a variety of consumers,
in both the retail and food service channels.
JJSF offers soft pretzels in a myriad of shapes,
sizes, and flavors for Food Service. Our soft
pretzels are available filled & unfilled, topped
& plain. Please visit our website to find more
Food Service pretzel solutions!

Frozen Novelities

Frozen staff

LUIGI’S Real Italian Ice gives you all the satisfaction of a high-calorie dessert for only a fraction of the calories. Offered in portion-controlled cups that are fat free, dairy free, gluten-free, it is no mistake that LUIGI’S is the national leader in Italian Ice.
The Name Says It All. Whole Fruit® Frozen Novelties are packed with more fruit than other frozen treat with a burst of refreshment in each bite. Available in Fruit Bars, Sorbets and Organic Frozen Juice tubes. Go ahead and indulge in the wholesomeness of the guilt free treat.
MINUTE MAID Juice Bars and Soft Frozen Lemonade are made with refreshing real fruit juice. Their great taste and fun, portable packaging make them a treat the entire family can enjoy.
Man’s best friend deserves healthy and delicious treats, too. DOGSTERS ice cream style treats for dogs are low fat, low calories and come in two unique variety of flavors. Fun for dogs & their owners!
Luigis Dogsters Dogsters
JJSF offers frozen novelties in an array of brands, flavors, and packaging options for Food Service. Our frozen novelties are available in 2.25 oz. to 16 oz. in cups & tubes, and with holiday - themed lids. Please visit our website to find more Food Service frozen novelty solutions.
*’Minute Maid’ is a registered trademark of The Coca Cola Company, used under license.

Frozen Beverage

Frozen staff

ICEE is the original and #1 brand in Frozen Beverages. Iconic cherry & blue raspberry flavors along with blended flavors such as strawberry lemonade are a refreshing treat for kids of all ages.
Premium frozen beverages and cocktails with real fruit and delicious flavor blends.
Slush Puppy
A slushy drink famous for the squirt of flavor. The crunchy slush in delicious fruit flavors brings out the kid in everyone.
Slush Puppy
A slushy drink famous for the squirt of flavor. The crunchy slush in delicious fruit flavors brings out the kid in everyone.
Artic Blast
The Arctic Blast Frozen Beverage brand features unique and trending flavors in a variety of brands and colors. Offerings are rotated seasonally with trending options.

backed goods

Mary B’s Open Kettle Dumplings and Biscuits are created with high-quality ingredients delivering a homemade, old-fashioned taste. Served alone or as part of a recipe – Mary B’s has products the whole family will enjoy. You owe it to yourself to try them all!
Corazonas® HEARTBAR™ Oatmeal Squares are a healthy balance to an indulgent treat. These delicious bars are convenient, delicious, good for you and fun. The perfect fuel for an on-the-go life. Now available for purchase on our online store!
Daddy Ray’s variety of Fruit Bars and Fig Bars and nutritious Cereal Bars are made with delicious premium ingredients. Their great taste and easy portability make them a convenient treat to enjoy on the go!
Hill & Valley is the nation’s leading brand of Sugar Free and No Sugar Added bakery items. Offering an assortment pre-baked cakes, cookies, pies and muffins, Hill & Valley has an answer to everyone’s bakery needs!
Find us in your local in-store bakery!
readibakefit readibake countryhome
JJSF offers a delicious and nutritious variety of baked goods for all of your Food Service needs. Our baked goods include cookies, breads, biscuits, and more! Please visit our website to find more Food Service baked good solutions.
*heartbar and the Doughboy character are trademarks of General Mills, used under license. ©General Mills


Patio Burritos are the perfect, Spanish-style, on-the-go meal or snack. Our five delicious burrito flavors are sure to create a fiesta for your taste buds without emptying your wallet!
SUpreme Stuffers Sweet Stuffers
JJSF now offers a complete line of handheld savory sandwiches and sweet pies for all of our Food Service customers. Our handheld products come in a variety of full-sized and mini sweet and savory flavors with individually wrapped options. Please visit our website to find more Food Service handheld solutions.


fannelcake tiopepechurros cachurros oreo pillsbury
America’s Favorite Cookie®’ meets the churro! A chocolatey churro made with OREO® cookie pieces and stuffed with real crème filling making OREO® Churros the ultimate mashup
Make any day special with Pillsbury™ Mini Pies! Sweet and delicious dessert fillings in a rich pastry dough. Just the right size, Pillsbury™ Mini Pies are fun, delicious and great for the entire family to enjoy.
Pillsbury Locator
*OREO is a registered trademark of Mondelez International group, used under license.